Turning insert Universal Chipbreaker for cost-effective machining of aluminium

From MA Alexander Stark

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Tool manufacturer Widia has added an AL Geometry to its ISO Turning portfolio, adding to its broad offering of tooling solutions for small to medium sized machine shops, machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

VBGT-AL insert finish profiling an N1 Aluminum cylindrical bar
VBGT-AL insert finish profiling an N1 Aluminum cylindrical bar
(Source: Widia)

The new AL Geometry insert from Widia is offered in two grades for increased machining versatility: an uncoated microfine carbide WU10HT grade and the PVD AlTiN coated grade, WU05PT. Each grade is available in all popular styles, including C, D, R, T, and V inserts to increase customer tooling options.

In addition to enhanced product versatility from multiple grade and style offerings, the AL Geometry insert offers additional benefits. A highly polished rake face improves chip flow, resulting in shorter set up times due to less manual retrieval of chips following each cut. The periphery ground insert also features a sharper cutting edge to increase overall tooling precision and reduce cutting forces.


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