Grinding machine Ultra-productive 5-axis grinding machine — even for complex components

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

UK — With the arrival of the FGC 2 Flexible Grinding Centre from the Winbro Technology Group, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) now also offers 5-axis grinding.

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Work area of the Winbro FGC2.
Work area of the Winbro FGC2.
(Source: ETG)

Manufactured in the UK, the Winbro FGC 2 Flexible Grinding Centre features high flexibility: its 4th and 5th axis capabilities permit complex component form grinding to be undertaken simply, quickly and precisely with high-quality surface finishes.

The Winbro FGC 2 has been designed with features that focus upon:

  • performance,
  • reduced set-up time,
  • high part accuracy and
  • fast cycle times incorporated throughout the machine.

The FGC 2 machine features both profiled diamond roll and rotary diameter disk dressing capability to provide fast and efficient setups. Furthermore, the machine can also be supplied with double dresser capability for multiple and extended machining operations. This provides even greater productivity levels for the end-user. The dressing facility enables the economic and precise dressing of complex fir tree root forms and shroud end features that are commonplace in the aerospace industry. The system takes the user from initial profile dressing through to in-cycle wheel dressing for optimal productivity and process automation.


From the specification perspective, the Winbro FGC 2 offers a spacious X, Y and Z-axis work envelope of 800 by 600 by 510 mm with a rotary A-axis of 360 ° and tilting B-axis of +/-110 °. The working surface of the table is 1400 by 650 mm providing the end-user with a spacious work envelope that can accommodate large workpieces. The productive grinding centre can rapidly traverse around the X, Y and Z-axes at 32 m/min with an acceleration rate of 5 m/sec2, making this machine an attractive proposition for a wide variety of industry sectors and component types.

From a precision perspective, the Winbro FGC 2 achieves accuracy levels in accordance with ISO: 230-2 with a positional accuracy in X, Y and Z-axes of 0.005 mm and repeatability of 0.003 mm. The machine is driven by a powerful Heidenhain iTNC 640 CNC control unit and a 38 kW spindle motor with the BBT40 spindle taper that can achieve a maximum speed of 8000 rpm.

The machine is controlled by unique grinding software that is easy to use, operator-friendly and simple to program 3, 4 and 5-axis simultaneous machining of components via on-screen graphics. This also includes the positioning of the programmable twin coolant nozzle system. The high-pressure coolant is supplied by the fully programmable and steerable twin nozzle arrangement that assures coolant is continually supplied as near to the cutting point as possible and that the wheel is always clean and sharp. Results suggest that this method creates a saving of 30 percent on wheel life when compared to standard, single nozzle type machine tools.

Complementing this is an optional media-free coolant filtration system that eliminates filter paper consumption. This technology is both environmentally friendly, highly efficient and it also helps to reduce operational costs of the Winbro FGC 2.

To maximise productivity, the FGC 2 machine features an automatic wheel change technology that keeps “wheel change” related downtime to a minimum. The automated wheel changing technology works in synergy with the automatic tool changer (ATC) that can accommodate up to 12 250 mm diameter grinding wheels or 16 220 mm diameter grinding wheels.

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