Company News Turnover increased by 9.6 %

Editor: Steffen Donath

Lantek has disclosed its economic results from last year: In 2019, turnover reached 21.1 million euros, which implies an increase of 9.6 % compared to the previous year.

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(Source: erredehierro)

Lantek is a Spanish multinational, specialised in the development of software for the sheet metal sector. It employs over 200 people worldwide and is a strong leader in its sector thanks to its ability to innovate and its commitment to internationalisation.

The number of active clients increased notably in 2019, bringing in 1,900 new users, doubling the normal growth rate and reaching a total of 23,700 distributed over more than one hundred countries.

Lantek’s international business continues to grow, now constituting 86.3 % of turnover, the countries with greatest significance for the company being: Germany, Italy, the USA, France and China which, together with growing local business, are becoming strategic markets.

In terms of business areas, the company’s commitment to digitalisation has been reflected with an increase of 24.7 % in the Solutions division. The mission of the division is to realise the Smart & Digital Factory implementing an integral management model for manufacturing and the company as a whole.

Looking at geographical regions, the considerable growth in this area in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Korea, Italy and the USA, with ratios of around 35 % and, significantly, up to 50 % in France or Germany, is an extremely positive sign given that these were already markets with healthy volumes. China is full of great expectations in terms of growth, a market whose sheet metal industry has firmly committed to Industry 4.0 and is becoming the driving force in the Digital Transformations and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions area. This is due, in part, to the fact that in many industrial companies the software has come to occupy a prominent place in the digitalisation of their plants through making interconnection between systems, machines and processes possible, as well as enabling decision-making based on data.

“In 2020, our strategy will focus on our clients and on the exponential growth of our installed international base, making the digital transformation of our sector a reality. Lantek makes this possible with its market leading advanced manufacturing technology and its operational excellence as a supplier of solutions and services. Our 34 years of success on the international market endorse us as a reliable and ethical company and a forerunner in terms of Industry 4.0,” concludes Alberto López de Biñaspre, Lantek CEO.

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