Cutting tools Tools from the UK: ITC publishes 2023 product catalogue

Source: Industrial Tooling Corporation

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The latest edition of Industrial Tooling Corporation’s (ITC) annual product catalogue has now been published and is available to view online. Now reaching its seventeenth edition, the new catalogue is crammed with new product enhancements and developments from the cutting tool manufacturer.

New 2023 product Catalogue from ITC
New 2023 product Catalogue from ITC
(Source: ITC)

As a UK manufacturer of innovative cutting tools, ITC’s Issue 17 catalogue is full of high-quality technically advanced cutting tools that include milling, drilling, reaming, threading, thread milling and specialist milling lines. The latest edition of the catalogue incorporates ITC’s updated pricing structure for 2023 as well as having extensive sections that cover cutting tools for machining aluminium, steel, heat-resistant alloys and exotic materials as well as glass and carbon fibre composite materials. The information in the latest edition also highlights the wide range of trochoidal and barrel end mills as well as the re-grind service.

In the Issue 17 publication, ITC highlights its diverse range of UK produced bespoke trochoidal and barrel tools as well as its re-grinding service centre — all services beyond the remit of most cutting tool vendors. The new publication also has a section on ITC’s UK manufactured micro tooling line that introduces micro end mills from 0.2 mm to 3 mm diameter with micro ball end mill tools available from 0.3 mm diameter.


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