IMTS 2022 Three new gantry machines combine power and precision

Source: Zimmermann

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Zimmermann Milling Solutions, a global high-tech supplier of portal milling machines, will virtually show three new gantry machines at their booth. IMTS will be held from 12 to 17 September 2022, in Chicago.

The FZU37 gantry milling machine is ideal for machining aluminium and composite materials.
The FZU37 gantry milling machine is ideal for machining aluminium and composite materials.
(Source: Zimmermann)

Zimmermann’s biggest double bridged gantry sets new standards for dynamic roughing while maintaining high precision. The powerful FZ42 CNC gantry milling machine combines work areas of different sizes, travels, milling heads and CNC controls. Regardless of weight and size, the milling process is exact. Furthermore, the gantry design is particularly suitable for the entire range of component machining. The structurally rigid center-guiding gantry, cross and Z-Ram, and dynamic milling head enable a consistent, efficient milling process. This combination of high thermal stability and rigidity meets industry-specific requirements in tool and die making, aerospace and automotive industries.

The newest high-performance gantry FZ37 is based on a modular system concept. It is available in various sizes, custom configuration and CNC controls. The newly designed gantry with center guided Z-Ram in combination with Zimmermann’s dynamic milling heads ensure an efficient and consistent milling process. The high thermal stability and rigidity meet industry-specific requirements in model, tool and die making as well as in the aerospace and automotive industries.

The FZ32 is suitable for machining aluminium, fiber composites, plastics and tooling board. Its thermosymmetrical design results in high surface quality and accuracy. The rigid center-guiding gantry allows the company to meet the increasing demands in model and muold making as well as aerospace. Additionally, the flexible design of the FZP machine line offers various sizes and configurations through its modular system as well as extensive equipment options and a fully enclosed work area, including effective dust extraction systems and more.


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