CNC and Additive Manufacturing This system combines 3D printing and milling in one

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik and Reichenbacher Hamuel have concluded a comprehensive partnership in the field of additive manufacturing. In a first step, the two Franconian technology companies are merging 3D printing and milling in one system.

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The partnership combines milling and 3D printing in one system.
The partnership combines milling and 3D printing in one system.
(Source: Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik)

Hardly any other technology is shaping the future of the manufacturing industry like additive manufacturing. Using digital 3D design data, even complex and large-volume components in the industrial sector can be produced quickly and cost-effectively by direct extrusion with low material input and even in small batch sizes. If perfect surfaces and exact measuring tolerances are required — such as in the shaft sector or in prototype construction in the automotive industry — CNC milling is also used. Previously, several machines were necessary for this.

Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik and Reichenbacher Hamuel have developed a system that can do both: Additive manufacturing and milling. The project marks the start of a comprehensive partnership between the two Franconian technology companies. As part of the Weber online event “Think bigger — print faster”, they presented their cooperation and the joint project to the specialist audience for the first time.

Based on many years of expertise in the field of extruder technology, Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik has brought additive manufacturing to perfection. Weber Additive stands for a maximum of design freedom, function optimisation and integration even with complicated geometries - and for a plus in efficiency even with small batch sizes and components with a high level of individualisation. The range of materials that can be used ranges from soft thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to materials with carbon fibre or glass fibre highly filled granulates (CF/GF). Weber Additive's portfolio includes systems for direct extrusion with gantry system (DX-Series), robotic production cells (DXR-Series) and parts production to customer order.

Reichenbacher Hamuel has made a name for itself worldwide as a manufacturer of first-class CNC machining centres with a high level of innovation. All systems perfect operations such as milling, drilling and sawing from the point of view of a customer-specific “best-fit solution”. The machines, which are configured according to the modular principle, are perfectly matched to the requirement profiles of the customers and convince with precise detailed solutions, high operating comfort and impressive work results.

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