Formnext 2019 / Fraunhofer IAPT The big brother in additive manufacturing technologies

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Among the exhibits at Fraunhofer IAPT's booth at Formnext will be its Sensepro sensor.

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Sensepro is completely direction-independent and offers solutions to common problems in manufacturing.
Sensepro is completely direction-independent and offers solutions to common problems in manufacturing.
(Source: Fraunhofer IAPT)

Germany-based Fraunhofer IAPT in Hamburg-Bergedorf is a leading research institute in the field of of additive manufacturing (AM). It specialises in design, process technology, factory systems, digitalisation and qualification. The institute’s objective is to scale up additive processes and technologies and facilitate their transfer to the industry to enable the manufacture of new and resource-efficient products. It also provides customised solutions in AM.

Sensepro is one of IAPT's highlights that will be showcased at Formnext. It has diverse applications and offers solutions to common problems in manufacturing.

While most sensors for production technologies, today, are usually dependent on the direction, which limits the speed and process flexibility, Sensepro is completely direction-independent. Its in-process quality assurance and closed-loop control systems enable error detection and correction in production processes early, thereby reducing production rejections, which in turn saves time consuming downstream quality assurance processes.

It has modular hardware and software to allow for easy adaptation in different applications and it can be easily configured with different controllers to enable easy integration into production systems. Sensepro also does in-process digitalisation of the part and computation of geometrical deviation. It has a 360° measurement field through its optical arrangement and an intelligent thermal management system, thanks to its innovative cooling concept.

At Formnext , Fraunhofer IAPT will be in Hall 12.0, Booth E126.

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