Company News Synventive supports the global fight against the Coronavirus

Editor: Steffen Donath

The current global corona pandemic crisis has affected all in some way. Synventive is affected both humanly and economically, but the company looks to the future with optimism and courage.

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The finished mask aims to meet the rising international demand.
The finished mask aims to meet the rising international demand.
(Source: Synventive)

To show the commitment to its employees as well as people in national and international companies, Synventive is utilising its know-how.

Under great time pressure, its customer, Oke-Group GmbH, has developed a mouth-nose-mask concept that will be available almost immediately and which offers reliable basic protection.

The mouth-nose mask consists of three components: a replaceable protective fleece, two reusable retaining clips and the permanent retaining rubbers for secure fastening of the mask in front of the mouth and nose.

The technical production components for this mask concept were developed and brought to production readiness in the shortest possible time. The injection moulds were designed and manufactured in the subsidiary of the Oke Group, Alhorn GmbH & Co KG/Lübbecke, which, in addition to mould construction, also has an in-house injection moulding production facility. Synventive is proud to have delivered the required hot runner technology in record time.

“In order to ensure that our production starts with a reliable process, we have relied on our long-standing and reliable partner Synventive Mold. Sol. for the essential component of the injection molding process — the hot runner technology. Within only one working day Synventive was able to provide us with complete 3D hot runner design data including the hot side on the basis of our mold concept, so that we could start the final production of the molds without loss of time,” says André Stockmann, Managing Director of Alhorn.

André Stockmann further emphasised that the communication between the development departments and Synventive Engineering ran almost in real time and so smoothly that even the tightest deadlines could be met.

The hot runner system provided by Synventive.
The hot runner system provided by Synventive.
(Source: Synventive)

Under the high time pressure, Synventive not only developed the appropriate 16-fold HK system for the small medical components, but also conveniently converted it into a hot-side concept for Oke. The production of the mouth-nose masks is set to start in the first half of April.

In order to supply the various demand groups, Oke will carry out quality control and final assembly directly in-house.

Interested parties can contact the supplier or order masks via the official website.