K 2019 / Milacron, Mold-Masters Sustainability and peak performance

Editor: Steffen Donath

During K 2019, Milacron held a press conference detailing their current products. Mold-Masters was also presenting their latest innovations at the show.

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The Master series is designed to be a broad solution for a wide variety of industry applications.
The Master series is designed to be a broad solution for a wide variety of industry applications.
(Source: Milacron)

Milacron began the press conference by outlining the company's commitment to the industry and its customers. The unique needs of customers are the central focus for the plastic technology company and will continue to be in the future. Milacron also stated that they have the broadest circular economy portfolio in the industry, underlining the company's embrace of sustainable production and materials.

Another focus is, of course, digitalisation: The company aims to make the most of this by leveraging the power of IIoT and AI technology. The M-Powered Technology from Milacron includes — among other features — predictive analytics, work cell integration and performance/energy monitoring.

The company also gave an overview of the current progress Milacron has recently made. This includes a new facility in Germany, the sale of blow moulding business and the merger with Hillenbrand.


Also presenting was Mold-Masters: The company presented their core product lines. The Master series is the most reliable product with a wide variety of available resins and great compatibility, making it — according to the company — an ideal choice for most applications across the industry. The Summit series on the other hand is specifically tailored for demanding jobs. It aims at peak performances and the highest possible precision. It finds application demanding sectors such as medical and personal care. The Summit series utilises Mold-Masters' technology such as I-Flow and brazed heater technology. After outlining the company's different technologies for various sectors, Mold-Masters also present their answer to the sustainability issues of the industry.


Mold-Masters said to have recognised the need for Bio-Resins early on and invested the time and money to make the most of these materials. These investments can now be put to the test with the existing products of the company.

This is just a small glimpse at what Milacron presented at K. For more details you can visit the company's booth (hall 1, C05).


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