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Editor: Steffen Donath

In a letter to President-elect Joe Biden, Plastics’ Tony Radoszewski pledged that the plastic industry will work with the new Administration to support jobs, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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A new administration could mean a drastic shift in the position plastic inhabits.
A new administration could mean a drastic shift in the position plastic inhabits.
(Source: Louis Reed (Unsplash))

Radoszewski also issued the following statement about a plan from non-governmental organisations to ban plastic materials and products, as well as to halt investment in new manufacturing facilities, among other efforts to eliminate the important U.S. industry:

“While we're focused on working together toward bipartisan solutions, activists are determined to destroy an American industry that employs more than one million workers in the United States. The plan proposed by The Center for Biological Diversity and partner organisations is misguided and aims to eliminate all plastics without taking into consideration the many benefits that plastics provide. That's shocking, as we are right now witnessing the vital role of plastics in combating the pandemic. People around the world depend on plastic for fresh food, water, and medicine, and other necessities anti-plastics crusaders take for granted.

“Modern infrastructure is the solution to all kinds of waste, not just plastic. Our industry is investing in new technologies to build better recycling infrastructure and working with leaders of both parties to develop workable solutions. Plastics were created for a reason and lifecycle analyses consistently show that, on the whole, plastics are more environmentally beneficial than alternative materials — and even more so when they are successfully recycled into new materials.”

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