Tool grinding Studer grinding machine elevates daily grind for Mazak

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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Investment in Yamazaki Mazak’s European Manufacturing Plant continues apace following the purchase of new Studer S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine.

The S41 is the sixth grinding machine Mazak has purchased from Studer.
The S41 is the sixth grinding machine Mazak has purchased from Studer.
(Source: Yamazaki Mazak)

Located in Mazak’s state-of-the-art Spindle Service Centre at the heart of its European HQ in Worcester, a new grinding machine from Studer will deliver a step-change in its in-house grinding capabilities.

The S41 is the sixth grinding machine Mazak has purchased from this manufacturer in a relationship spanning in excess of 20 years, and is one of a select few non-Mazak CNC machines used throughout the European Manufacturing Plant.

The machine will be used for the highly precise grinding of a wide range of components with demanding geometric and surface finish specifications, including those which have single figure micron dimensional tolerances such as spindles.

Its accurate and efficient thread grinding capabilities have also eliminated the need for Mazak to outsource such work, which was previously subcontracted to a third party. What’s more, the increase in productivity of the S41 – which has resulted in an 80 percent reduction in cycle time for some applications — has enabled the company to move its grinding department from a three-shift to a two-shift working pattern.

The S41 is the latest in a series of long-running investments from Mazak in its flagship manufacturing facility in Europe to promote the sustainable production of a diverse range of homegrown machine tools. It follows a multi-million-pound investment in a twin-pallet Versatech V-140N/280 and FJV-60/80 double-column vertical machining centers in 2021, and two automated Integrex i-Series cells in 2019.

Stuart Astley, European Service & Added Services Director at Yamazaki Mazak, comments: “Our European Manufacturing Plant is a vital part of our global manufacturing footprint. Where possible we aim to exclusively use Mazak machines in our production processes, however grinding is a highly specialist area and we have to rely on the expertise of other manufacturers. Over the years we have developed an extremely strong relationship with Studer, and when it came to making further strategic investments to our grinding department, we needed to look no further than the S41.”


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