Starrag Group SIP’s high precision boring

Editor: Steffen Donath

Starrag Group company SIP is currently assembling a series of ultra high-precision jig boring machines destined for installation by multiple customers active in the aerospace industry.

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The five machines under construction at SIP’s Vuadens (Switzerland) factory.
The five machines under construction at SIP’s Vuadens (Switzerland) factory.
(Source: Starrag)

The five machines — comprising a four-axis horizontal model and the remainder three-/five-axis vertical designs — are scheduled for installation and commissioning during the second half of 2021.

These SIP machines will be used to produce a range of different workpieces including gearboxes, structural components and satellite guidance systems. They have been chosen by customers because of their ability to consistently produce ultra high-precision, right-first-time results over many years, with no material wastage — even after resetting to suit different/redesigned workpieces.

The machines’ build qualities and performance specifications will ensure these demands are met. Based on a closed rigid frame supported on three points, the machines’ extreme levels of high accuracy — for example, in some cases positioning repeatability is quoted as close to 1 micron — is also endeared by SIP’s renowned hand scraping of features such as machine bases, linear guideways and spindle heads.

The quartet of vertical machines under construction will be able to accommodate workpieces weighing ranging from 2,500 to 4,000 kgs, and have clamping surfaces from 1,200 mm by 900 mm to 1,700 mm by 1,200 mm. The horizontal machine will handle components weighing up to 4,000 kgs on a clamping surface of 1,200 mm by 1,200 mm.

In all cases, the standard spindle rating is 6,000 revs/min, but optional 8,000 revs/min spindles are available. All of the vertical models have automatic tool changers, and two have high-pressure through-coolant.

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