Strack Norma Short-stroke cylinders receive longer lease on life

Editor: Eric Culp

The supplier is also offering latch locks with forces of up to 6kN.

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The latch locks help to reliably define mechanical plate movements.
The latch locks help to reliably define mechanical plate movements.
(Source: Strack)

Strack Norma has increased the service life of its short-stroke cylinders Z5100 – Z5105 through sustainable improvements in the series, the supplier said.

CNC remains integral to processing

To further increase protection against corrosion, the cylinders now come with a partially bronzed cylinder body. Additionally, the cylinders are all marked with the maximum working temperature and maximum pressure, the company added.

New seals, in combination with a super-finished one-piece piston rod, are also said to improve service life. Compared to the former model, in which the piston rod consisted of two parts, the whole short-stroke cylinder can now be supplied with a high-quality surface-finish, according to the manufacturer.

Strack Norma said it supports customers in the transition to the new version. According to the company, a repair of the old versions is no longer supported, but the old cylinder will be replaced with a new one at the repair cost rate. After wear, the new models can be as usual returned to the manufacturer, where the cylinder is repaired and sent back to the customer.

Additionally, the supplier offers tailor-made latch locks with locking forces up to 6 kN. For complex injection mouldings or die casting tools, the latch locks help to reliably define mechanical plate movements, the company said. Latch locks convert linear movements of the processing machine into defined movements of the plates.

The prescribed movements of the machine’s opening stroke are realised in the required movements of the tool. Complex requirements, such as one or more levels that need to be drawn to the opening level, occur mechanically with the latch locks.

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