Grinding Hub 2022 Sharp, smart, sustainable, social, strong: Vollmer launches the 5S campaign

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The first ever Grinding Hub international trade fair for grinding technology will take place on 17th May 2022, and for the first time sharpening specialist Vollmer will present its 5S campaign: Sharp, Smart, Sustainable, Social, Strong.

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At the Grinding Hub 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart, Vollmer will showcase its latest sharpening machines and services for efficient machining of circular and band saws as well as carbide and PCD-tipped rotary tools.
At the Grinding Hub 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart, Vollmer will showcase its latest sharpening machines and services for efficient machining of circular and band saws as well as carbide and PCD-tipped rotary tools.
(Source: Vollmer)

At the Grindung Hub in Stuttgart, Germany, visitors can inspect the sharpening machines, services and digital solutions offered by machine manufacturer Vollmer. The company will be showcasing new tool grinding machines from its VGrind range as well as new products for machining carbide-tipped circular saws at the trade fair. Other highlights at the trade fair will include the VLaser 370 laser machine, the VHybrid 260 grinding and eroding machine and the digital V@dison solutions.

With its grinding, eroding and laser machines as well as automation solutions for operator-free machining, Vollmer is a full-line supplier for sharpening applications. The machine manufacturer provides customers with solutions for manufacturing rotary tools and circular and band saws — regardless of the manufacturing process. The technology is available for a wide range of tool types including carbide and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tips.

The five pillars of the 5S campaign

With its new 5S campaign, Vollmer has established five pillars to support its product range: Sharp, Smart, Sustainable, Social, and Strong. The company’s grinding, eroding and laser machines are backed up by smart and digital services, ensuring maximum sharpness. Sustainable technologies address environmental sustainability. Social refers both to the increased importance of social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube and to the social links between Vollmer and its customers, suppliers and employees, as well as its efforts to support young people. The company uses events and web seminars to maintain a strong position as a technology leader whilst continually improving the efficiency of its machines and services.

Five world premieres and tried-and-tested solutions

The Grinding Hub 2022 exhibition will also mark the world premiere of three new VGrind grinding machines, suitable for machining carbide tools. These new machines apply the tried-and-tested technology of the VGrind range: They are also based on the innovative double-spindle concept, which enables precise and efficient multi-level machining thanks to its two vertical spindles. By expanding its machine range in the area of tool machining, Vollmer can more precisely address the individual needs of its customers.

The company has also added two new machines to its range for grinding circular saw blades. They are ideally suited to machining tooth faces and tooth tops as well as the flanks of carbide-tipped saw teeth with a wide range of geometries. These machines feature intuitive operation, enabling users to learn sharpening processes almost instantly. They can also be combined with other automation solutions to operate them around the clock without manual intervention. Furthermore, the subsidiary Loroch will show innovative grinding machines for machining, especially HSS (High Speed Steel) circular saws and HW thin-cut circular saws as well as the TC 720 measuring and documentation system.

Tried-and-tested solutions will also be on display in Stuttgart. With tools ranging from drills to milling cutters through to reamers for machining PCD or ultra-hard materials, the full-line range offered by Vollmer includes a wide variety of eroding and laser machines. For instance, the trade fair stall in Stuttgart will feature the VLaser 370 laser machine, which enables contact-free machining of cutting edges thanks to its powerful laser. The QXD 250 eroding machine is likewise designed for contact-free sharpening of complex PCD rotary tool geometries via spark erosion. Alongside these will be the VHybrid 260 machine that offers a complete solution for eroding and grinding operations in a single machine.

Tangible and digital services

Maintenance, training and finance are increasingly digital and web-based via the company to the company’s V@dison solutions. Software solutions control sharpening machines and automated processes. They can increase machine performance as required. Smart solutions are also available for evaluating process data or cross-connecting users directly with Vollmer services. For example, customers can connect to technicians in real-time via the Visual Support V@ guide solution, or access machine data, information and a spare parts shop online via a personalised customer portal. The customer profile will be presented for the first time at the Grinding Hub and is a personalised digital window for customers that integrates the majority of IoT services offered by Vollmer.

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