Laser Microprocessing Scanlab and Pulsar Photonics cooperate in development of laser scan systems

Source: Press release

Germany — Scanlab and Pulsar Photonics are launching a cooperation for development and distribution of more highly integrated laser scan systems in 2022. Besides collaborating on the development of the ‘Photonic Drill Engine’ for laser micro-drilling at a high throughput rate, Scanlab will thus be able to supply a range of beam shaping systems and other customised solutions.

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Scanlab promises limitless scanning of three-dimensional workpieces with XL Scan and integrated dynamic z-axis.
Scanlab promises limitless scanning of three-dimensional workpieces with XL Scan and integrated dynamic z-axis.
(Source: Scanlab)

By cooperating with Pulsar Photonics, Scanlab wants to expand its product range for micro material processing. The two companies have already been collaborating on the design and development of scan solutions for microprocessing since 2019. This new project also means that Scanlab will take on joint responsibility for the distribution of highly integrated laser scan systems, allowing the organisation to provide its own customer base with additional, integrated solutions from February 2022 onward.

The market for USP applications (ultrashort pulse lasers) is continuing to grow; in general, the most significant challenges involve achieving desired increases in throughput. Parallelization of laser processes using multi-beam systems can help to overcome this precise challenge.

According to the companies, the collaboration goes beyond a typical joint distribution project for the specified products. Over the course of their ‘Photonics Drill Engine’ (PDE) development project, the two businesses plan to jointly develop a dynamic, versatile multi-beam tool for laser material processing. This technology is particularly suitable for use in the electronics industry, for instance for laser drilling circuit boards in order to increase drilling rates for high-density applications.

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