REM Systems Erowa Robotic solutions for improved manufacturing efficiency

Editor: Briggette Jaya

REM Systems is the distributor of Swiss-based Erowa's precision products throughout the UK and Ireland.

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The magazines are designed to stack vertically with the storage positions arranged over two, three or four levels.
The magazines are designed to stack vertically with the storage positions arranged over two, three or four levels.
(Source: Erowa)

REM Systems also distributes products of two other Swiss companies Triag, manufacturer of multi-vice systems and F Tool that manufactures EDM tooling systems. Erowa develops and produces advanced manufacturing systems solutions that is said to ensure manufacturing efficiency levels are attained.

Erowa's recently launched new Load Master range of machines offers automatic loading and unloading of large workpieces, which include raw material billets, partly-machined components and cast workpieces of up to 4,000 kg. Thanks to its kinetic system that needs very little space, thereby saving costs, Load Master has a 360° swivel function, which enables the reach of tables of machine tools and the magazine in any position.


The magazines are designed in a vertical stack with the storage positions arranged over two, three or four levels to save floorspace, with each level optimally configured for typical workpiece sizes. Erowa supports a plan known as the ‘Flexible Manufacturing Concept’ (FMC). Using FMC, customers with an Erowa system can increase productivity by up to five-fold using various manufacturing technologies, including die-sinking EDM, multi-axis milling and turning, as well as measurement and inspection, the company claims. As an example, manufacturing businesses that produce larger, and thus heavier, components can increase their productivity to include large press tool plates, multi-cavity injection moulds, valves and pipe fittings as well as aircraft structural and propulsion components with the Load Master.

Operator set-up stations are integral components of the Load Master production lines, which are accessed via sliding doors or walk-in stations. The variants are available with lifting units, rotating and tilting table or an indexing table. The set-up position is also accessible through an overhead crane. A process control system displays the status during the production flow. The transfer unit moves between the magazines and machines on solid rails and grippers optimally support various applications: “Twin Fork” double grippers for faster chip-to-chip times and “Multi Fork” end effector for the loading and unloading of different pallet sizes.

The Twin Fork double gripper significantly reduces chip-to-chip time when changing pallets, whereby the fresh workpiece held in one gripper is exchanged for the finished workpiece and then removed from the machining envelope. This is an important factor when long transfer distances are combined with short machining cycles.

In systems with different pallet sizes, the Multi Fork gripper provides an efficient alternative to changing individual grippers. The gripper width seamlessly adapts to different pallet dimensions.

Offering maximum flexibility, pallet storage units that also called magazines or storage locations can be fully adjusted. Both the height level and arrangement by level can be adapted to the workpiece size used. The vertical stacking of up to four levels provides the optimal use of space.

The magazine modules can be combined in a series and there is no limit on the number of units that can be connected. The total rail length of the Load Master depends on the number of machines and their positioning.

REM Systems also offers the Erowa Robot Multi that supports Cloud NC’s advanced machine tools. Cloud NC develops the Artificial Intelligence (AI) required to make CNC machining autonomous, which therefore enables components to be manufactured in any quantity at a fraction of cost and time currently needed. Today the latest high-performance machine tools from Mazak and DMG Mori can operate 24/7 thanks to an Erowa Robot Multi system that automatically loads raw material billets into the machines and removes finished parts.