Company News Remaining optimistic despite the current situation

Editor: Steffen Donath

2020 will not go the same way as 2019 did, Haimer GmbH is aware of this as well. Here’s why the company remains optimistic despite the slowdown in the second half of 2019 and the start of 2020.

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The Haimer tool holders ensure stable machining.
The Haimer tool holders ensure stable machining.
(Source: Haimer)

In 2019 the business of Haimer GmbH ran very differently. While the sales figures of the previous year could be topped at the beginning, the second half of the year saw a significant slowdown. Overall, Haimer GmbH closed 2019 at a similarly high level as in the record year 2018.

The uncertainty among manufacturing companies is great — worldwide. The upheavals in the automotive industry and the trade dispute between the USA and China are contributing to this. This is confirmed by Haimer Managing Director Andreas Haimer: “Since the middle of last year we have been feeling the reluctance to invest among many automotive suppliers. The production stop for the Boeing 737 Max also has consequences for our industry. Furthermore, the entire Asian business, especially with China, has become very difficult. The first quarter of 2020 can also be written off due to the Coronavirus.” Despite these challenges, Andreas Haimer remains optimistic: “The situation in these markets is expected to calm down again in the second half of 2020. If the investment backlog is then cleared, we aim to achieve a similar result as in the last two years.” The necessary production capacities are available at Haimer. At the end of 2018, the family-owned company near Augsburg commissioned a new production plant in Motzenhofen, only about five kilometres away. “This enables us to produce up to 4,000 tool holders per day — in the high-quality sector and 100 % made in Germany,” says the managing director.

Haimer’s sales of carbide tools for high performance milling have even grown. The managing director attributes this to the expansion of the product range with additional geometries and extensions.


Andreas Haimer believes his company is well prepared for the future: “The digitalisation of production processes is already a success factor for every company. We are well prepared for this by being able to offer complete data consistency on the product side — from the tool, the tool holder including the clamping process, the balancing up to the tool presetting and the use on the machine.” In addition Haimer has developed its own tool management software, the Haimer DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller).

To be well prepared for the future, Haimer is engaged in in-house development and participates in numerous projects with universities and academic educational institutions.