Projection Micro Stereolithography Reliable 3D printer for micro production

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With the micro 3D printer Micro Arch S240, Boston Micro Fabrication introduces a real workhorse: Thanks to a wide range of materials and a build volume of 100 x 100 x 75 mm, it is suitable for the series production of micro components in final quality.

The 3D printer from BMF allows micro-manufacturing in series quality.
The 3D printer from BMF allows micro-manufacturing in series quality.
(Source: BMF)

The new Micro Arch series 3D printers from BMF are based on a further development of stereolithography (SLA), which the company has patented as Projection Micro Stereolithography. They are designed to deliver final quality when printing micro components. With an optical resolution of 10 µm at a layer thickness of 10 to 40 µm, the desktop printer achieves surface qualities of 0.4 to 0.8 Ra.

Even the entry-level Micro Arch P150 model produces small, detailed parts with a resolution of up to 25 μm. In the medium performance class are three desktop printers that combine a resolution of 10 μm with high accuracy and precision. These include the reliable Micro Arch S240, which produces micro parts from a wide range of resin and ceramic materials. In terms of component dimensions, it offers a generous build volume of 100 x 100 x 75 millimetres. The Micro Arch S240 was developed to enable companies as well as universities to quickly produce components in industrial small batch production. Its step-and-repeat method combines high resolution with large surface area. Real-time image monitoring, autofocus and exposure compensation ensure highly accurate results.

The micro 3D printers are used in the development and production of medical objects ranging from stents to prostheses and surgical implants. The use of biocompatible materials opens up new possibilities for customised implants.

In electronics and mechatronics, connectors, chip bases or Mems are created that meet all requirements in terms of stability and functionality.

In microfluidics and micromechanics, the Micro Arch S240 is suitable for valves, pumps, sensors, microphone components and many other applications. Product development gains new possibilities and freedom with the 3D printers of the Micro Arch series, which can be used for innovations, efficient manufacturing and assembly.


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