Schunk Pneumatic rotary unit is strong, fast, compact

Editor: Thomas Masuch

Germany Schunk, supplier of clamping technology and gripping systems, has introduced the SRM rotary unit.

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Schunk's SRM unit is currently available in sizes 16, 32 and 40.
Schunk's SRM unit is currently available in sizes 16, 32 and 40.
(Source: Schunk)

According to the company, the most striking features of the SRM unit are the low interfering contour, the specially developed internal high-capacity dampers and the large centre bore for the feed-through of cables, hoses, workpieces or for the use of a camera.

Special cutting-edge geometry ensures a high surface quality

The torque, mass moment of inertia and rotating time of the SRM are said to exceed its predecessor, the Schunk SRU-plus. In the size 40 version, the torque has been increased by 25%, the company says.

The screw connection pattern of the new high-performance module is particularly large and robust. Schunk offers an optional air feed-through for compressed air or gases as well as an electric rotary feed-through for the reliable feed-through of sensor and actuator signals.

According to Schunk, the unit also offers the possibility of inductive monitoring. The Schunk SRM unit is initially available in sizes 16, 32 and 40.