Guide elements Pillar with centre collar: Guiding for modular toolmaking

Source: Strack Norma

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The new pillar with centre collar SN4331 from Strack Norma, which is used in modular tool making, was specially developed for high-speed presses to increase tool life.

Complex solutions from one source: new pillar with centre collar SN4331
Complex solutions from one source: new pillar with centre collar SN4331
(Source: Strack Norma)

Often transverse forces occur in the tool and the resulting moments are not considered to be the reason for increased punch wear and supposed centre misalignment. Strack Norma offers an alternative with the extension of its range of guiding elements.

The pillar with centre collar SN4331 for punch tooling, which is mainly used for three-plate tools, was developed for use in the diameter range of 12 up to 50 is available in a wide range of lengths. It can be held by the clamps SN4326 or Z4325 and can be combined with almost all Strack bushes.

If the pillar with centre collar is mounted in the stripper plate, it halves the effective lever arm compared to conventionally mounted pillars and thus provides for an 8-fold stiffness. Angular errors and moment loads have a significantly less effect and there is less wear on active elements.

With a finely machined surface quality Rz 0.8 and the narrow manufacturing tolerance of the guide diameter of < h3, the SN4331 is compatible with many competitor pillars. Thus, it is optimally designed to meet the requirements of a high-precision guide system.


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