Fakuma 2023 Performance meets sustainability: Lehvoss presents breakthroughs in polymer technology

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Making new technology possible and creating real added value — that is the goal of the Lehvoss Group. Concrete product ideas are just as much a focus as sustainability and tangible profitability. At the Fakuma, the Hamburg-based company will present numerous application examples that go beyond the limits of what was previously feasible.

3D-printed laminating moulds made with Luvocom 3F.
3D-printed laminating moulds made with Luvocom 3F.
(Source: Lehvoss Group)

For the Lehvoss Group, this year’s Fakuma trade fair is all about increasing performance. The Customized Polymer Materials division presents products that are unique and open up new possibilities in the design and processing of plastics.

Some examples include:

  • Synergy on Wheels: An injection molded carbon fiber compound e-bike frame. In addition to full recyclability, the carbon footprint is reduced by up to 64 percent. The rigidity of the material has been increased by around 60 percent.
  • Think big, print big: Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM), also known as Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF), enables cost savings of up to 80 percent in the manufacture of large components
  • The art of modification: Wafer carriers made of tailor-made, electrically conductive and highly resistant material have a significantly longer service life and reduce the scrap rate in production by up to 70 percent
  • Less friction, more acceleration: Transmission components for an e-bike motor with tribologically modified thermoplastics ensure maintenance-free lubrication and a longer service life.
  • High-speed descent: high-strength and cold-impact resistant components for ski bindings for ideal handling and skiing experience
  • Safety and comfort: Powder-coated components for car belt systems with optimized tribological properties

Customers benefit from the combination of structured processes, the expertise of a world market leader and a feel for plastics that has already produced many world records in materials technology.

Innovative ski bindings from Marker, manufactured with Luvocom LFT.
Innovative ski bindings from Marker, manufactured with Luvocom LFT.
(Source: Lehvoss Group)

The Lehvoss Group is also setting the course for the future in the area of masterbatches and additives. Weight reduction is the keyword here.

With newly developed propellant masterbatches, 24 percent lighter components could be manufactured in the automotive sector — with an addition of just one percent. The masterbatches are suitable for standard injection molding and extrusion processes, are ADC-free and have excellent processing properties. For example, a significant reduction in sink marks can be achieved from a dosage of just 0.1 percent. Due to their physiological harmlessness, they can also be used in the food industry.

When it comes to flame retardancy, the Hamburg plastics professionals score points with halogen-free masterbatches based on nitrogen, phosphorus and mineral additives with high intumescence. A high level of material compatibility is achieved through specially adapted polymer carriers: the possible uses range from film structures to cables and components with high wall thicknesses. The additive Inovia enables PMMA and PC to be flame retardant, which is also halogen-free, without sacrificing transparency.

In addition to the latest technological solutions, the experts want to demonstrate their main strength at the trade fair: the rapid and practical development of high-performance plastics.


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