EMO Hannover ONA Halley opens new chapter in fast hole machine design

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At EMO Hannover, ONA will present its latest fast hole machine, the ONA Halley. The ONA Halley stands out from other fast hole machines due to its compact, efficient and intelligent design.

ONA Halley is able to produce complex holes in any conductive material.
ONA Halley is able to produce complex holes in any conductive material.
(Source: ONA)

Building on its 25 years of experience in the turbine sector, ONA has recently launched its first fast hole machine, the ONA Halley. The machine is the result of their vast knowledge and experience in EDM technology, which spans over 70 years, and the valuable insights gained through their partnership with AAEDM, a US-based company with expertise in this field. This collaboration has helped them to better understand the end product and the challenges faced by operators, which has informed the design of the ONA Halley.

The machine is designed to produce a wide variety of complex and intricate holes in any conductive material, a feature that meets the diverse needs of the turbine industry. In addition, the ONA Halley gives the user total control over machine parameters, ensuring part traceability and minimising defects.

The machine also has a fast programming capability that is adapted to the specific part being produced. This allows the machine to provide finishes that meet the requirements of the turbine industry. It also reduces the time required to programme the machine based on the material to be used and the type of hole to be drilled.

In terms of speed, the ONA Halley stands out for its fast performance. Its immersion mode speeds up end-of-hole detection and improves overall machining time. The machine uses a combination of rotating electrodes at speeds up to 1000 rpm and internal cleaning at pressures up to 100 bar. This feature increases productivity and ensures better finishes.

ONA Halley is also equipped with an automatic electrode and guide changer, which reduces downtime and speeds up the drilling process. The changer can be accessed while the machine is running, ensuring continuous operation.

Despite its advanced features, ONA Halley has a compact design. It takes up less space, making it suitable for any lean manufacturing process. The machine also provides easy side access for loading electrodes while the machine is running. The operation of ONA Halley is simplified with an integrated tablet-style touchscreen and a wireless controller. These features provide a fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI).

ONA will be showcasing the new ONA Halley machine at the EMO Hannover trade show, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the machine's capabilities.


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