CNC system Okuma launches powerful machine control at EMO 2023

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A new CNC system, the OSP-P500, will be launched by Japanese machine tool builder Okuma on stand B36 in hall 15 at the EMO 2023 trade fair in Hannover, to be held from 18th to 23rd September. The smart machine control, which is manufactured in-house, combines highly productive and precise machining with ease of use, energy efficiency and safety features to protect against cyber attacks.

The new Okuma OSP-P500 CNC system.
The new Okuma OSP-P500 CNC system.
(Source: Okuma)

In future, 5-axis machining centres in Okuma's MU-V series and the Multus series of multitasking turn-milling machines will be equipped with the new machine control OPS-P500. This latest CNC system has twice the computing power of conventional machine controls, shortening cycle times by up to 15 percent. It is particularly well suited to high-speed machining applications for achieving top quality surface finishes.

The control is equipped with an on-machine Digital Twin to facilitate high-precision simulation of machining processes, reducing set-up times and speeding production. By performing these simulations on the machine itself, production can start immediately afterwards. Alternatively, with Digital Twin on a PC, simulation can be carried out offline while production is in progress on the machine.

Even inexperienced users benefit from the advantages of the control due to its user-friendly interface. A Smart OSP Operation function simplifies programming on the shop floor by providing automatic guidance through all the necessary steps. People without any prior experience can learn how to machine a component in one day.

Featuring a comprehensive security system, the control protects machine processes, programs and data from cyber attacks. Advanced identification of users and encryption of communication according to the OPC-UA standard prevents unauthorised access. Potential for damage can be minimised with specific anti-virus measures, such as a whitelist and functions for the direct identification of counterfeit programs or irregularities. Data backup and recovery functions are also integrated.

Thanks to the integration of Eco Suite Plus, the OSP-P500 reduces power consumption. Smart features record and analyse every operating status as well as CO₂ emissions, switching to energy-saving idling if expedient and automatically adjusting the power drawn by peripherals such as the chip conveyor.

Okuma is gradually launching a range of new Green Smart Machines onto the market, which will provide even more functions for saving energy. These intelligent machine tools will be controlled by the OSP-P500. They are designed to support a reduction of CO₂ emissions by reducing energy consumption, while still ensuring high quality machining.

It is notable that Okuma, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, has been manufacturing its own OSP control system for nearly half that time. It also produces its own drives, encoders and virtually every other component part of its machine tools.


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