Machining components NSK to showcase latest linear guides at EMO 2023

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Among NSK’s focus products on Booth C42 in Hall 7 at EMO Hannover 2023 will be the latest linear guides. These linear guides offer the speed and rigidity necessary to meet demanding cycle time and accuracy requirements in machining operations.

The new NSK DH/DS series delivers over twice the running distance of the company’s conventional NH/NS linear guides.
The new NSK DH/DS series delivers over twice the running distance of the company’s conventional NH/NS linear guides.
(Source: NSK)

The centrepiece of the NSK linear-guide presentation at EMO Hannover will be the new DH/DS long-life series. Thanks to a world-leading dynamic load rating, the DH/DS series delivers over twice the running distance of the company’s conventional NH/NS linear guides. The product also facilitates downsizing by allowing the use of smaller linear guides. In turn, downsizing contributes to weight reduction and energy savings.

To meet ongoing demand for ever-higher reliability in linear guides, NSK applied its proprietary TF ‘Tough’ heat-treatment technology to the DH/DS series. TF technology is a unique heat treatment that controls the amount of retained austenite in steel to extend fatigue life.

Controlling this factor softens the contours of dents formed when a ball or roller presses foreign matter (contamination/particles) into the raceway surface. This reduces areas where stress might focus, thereby suppressing surface flaking and extending running distance.

Another innovative solution in the spotlight at the exhibition will be NSK’s proven RA series roller guides with highly dust-resistant seals to prevent the ingress of contaminants from the underside of the slider and greatly enhance reliability in challenging operating conditions.

Optimised seal lip design and highly abrasion-resistant materials mean that RA series roller guides offer high sealing performance over a long period. In contaminated environments, the running life of these guides is double that of conventional products. For guides mounted upside down, users can enjoy four times greater running life, sometimes more, by combining the V1 seal with the V1 bottom seal, which covers the entire bottom face of the slider.

Retaining the linear motion theme, NSK will highlight its ever-expanding ball-screw portfolio at EMO, which will include the company’s next-generation offer for high-accuracy machine tools used in mould-making, for example. Providing fewer motion errors and no ‘second glitch’ phenomenon, next-generation ball screws reduce or eradicate the requirement for secondary burnishing/polishing operations.

Among other new products on the booth will be NSK’s low-temperature ball screws, which demonstrate around 45 percent lower friction loss than conventional systems. Also new will be the company’s HFT super-long life ball screws for high-load drive applications that deliver up to twice the life of conventional alternatives.

Further ball screws on display will include: the S-HTF range, which takes advantage of NSK’s proprietary Tough Steel to help combat high loads and contamination; high-durability ball screws with a special raceway treatment that supresses wear; and high-speed, low-noise DIN-standard ball screws.

Bearings will also be prominent on the booth, notable among which will be Robusdyna ultra-high speed, high-load capacity angular contact ball bearings, making their debut appearance in Europe. Perfect for machine tool spindles, these innovative new bearings facilitate both heavy cutting and high speeds thanks to their long fatigue life.

Another new exhibit will be Robust GRD grease, which achieves five times higher seizure resistance compared with the company’s conventional product.

Further exhibits of interest include NSK’s Sursave (TSR) bearing cage for angular contact ball bearings that delivers lower energy savings, small NRRO (non-repeatable runout) and high speeds during use on machine tool spindles. A variety of NSK super precision bearings and high-speed motor bearings will complete the line-up for machine tools, while the company will also present its thin angular contact ball bearings for robots.


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