Diamond Tooling Novel dual diameter bore finishing solutions

Editor: Alexander Stark

Engis Corporation Bore Finishing Division has developed advanced tooling and processes for the precision finishing of dual-diameters in components, enabling step-bores to be finished simultaneously while holding diametrical tolerances under one micron in a production environment.

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Engis' single pass dual diamter bore finishing
Engis' single pass dual diamter bore finishing
(Source: Engis)

Engis precision diamond tooling is manufactured to deliver high-quality bore cylindricity, surface finish and concentricity between each bore. In addition, with the company's design, separate size compensation for each diameter can be performed easily and quickly, while the long-lasting diamond tooling helps to reduce the cost per finished piece.

As well as increased production and a reduced number of spindles other significant advantages of single-pass dual diameter bore finishing, include: a split sleeve design which allows for independent size adjustment, separate adjusting nuts, two sleeves on the same mandrel and the improved bore concentricity — with the cylindricity of each bore being under two microns.