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Editor: Briggette Jaya

Additive manufacturing company Xjet has just announced the appointment of Professor Dan Shechtman to lead the company's Scientific Advisory Board.

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Nobel Prize winner, Professor Dan Shechtman, now heads the Scientific Advisory Board at Xjet.
Nobel Prize winner, Professor Dan Shechtman, now heads the Scientific Advisory Board at Xjet.
(Source: Xjet)

The winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals, Professor Dan Shechtman, will be at the helm of Xjet's Scientific Advisory Board. In his role, Shechtman will help steer the company's material and application development roadmap with his broad knowledge of scientific challenges and innovation. Shechtman will also guide pioneering applications, materials and the way materials are used in the Xjet Nano Particle Jetting (NPJ) technology, which could revolutionise different aspects of additive manufacturing (AM) for various industries.

Crediting his Nobel Prize towards cultivating expertise in a particular field, whilst retaining a broad knowledge of science and determination, Prof. Shechtman believes applying the same proficiencies could see some exciting new developments in AM. “Xjet’s NPJ technology grabbed my heart, mind and imagination and is particularly intriguing to me. Because it jets a liquid, in tiny droplets, it allows for innovation to surpass the level of a single material and involve new mixtures and complex structures,” he said.

Prof. Shechtman’s expertise is in material science and the nature of matter. His discovery of quasicrystals in 1982 was initially extremely controversial and strongly denied by some peers, who wouldn’t reconsider their conceptions of crystallography and the atomic structure of matter. Time and determination led a paradigm shift in chemistry and eventually a few embraced the breakthrough and developed it into a thriving science. In 2011, the discovery was recognised with the Nobel Prize and, today, quasicrystals are found in applications from the formation of durable steel to non-stick frying pans.

Xjet CEO Hanan Gothait noted: “My vision for NPJ technology is to solve ‘impossible’ manufacturing challenges.” Gothait added that the company enables innovation and the creation of things that have, till now, not been possible.

Xjet has already seen customers adopting its NPJ technology to overcome challenges that were previously unsolvable. “The University of Delaware and Marvel Medtech had both developed devices that they knew could provide trail-blazing advances in their respective fields of 5G antennae and breast cancer treatment,” Gothait said and added that the two mentioned couldn’t find manufacturing methods to deliver the functions they needed, be it smooth, accurate internal channels nor the right material properties for directing waves. Xjet's NPJ technology then delivered a new and unique method of manufacturing, which enabled them to make their designs a reality.

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