Walter GB New turning holder and inserts

Editor: Steffen Donath

Walter GB has launched the new G3051-P groove turning holder.

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Walter’s new G3051-P groove turning holder
Walter’s new G3051-P groove turning holder
(Source: Walter GB)

MX22-2L/R Tiger.tec indexable inserts are specifically for grooving along a shoulder — the insert widths of 1.5 mm to 3 mm can produce depths up to 6 mm.

For use on CNC, multi-spindle and auto lathes, the system is suited to a wide range of components, from precision parts for medical devices to automotive camshafts. The holder is available in shank sizes of 12 to 25 mm and features precision cooling. Inserts are positioned at a 3deg incline and, because there is a ‘level design’ on the working face (as left- and right-hand versions), there is no end-face axial contact.

The four-edged inserts are available with the new GD8 and VG8 geometries, the latter being specifically developed for finishing operations behind a shoulder. Other important features of the inserts include a large contact surface and patented dowel pin insert location plus a tangential positioning arrangement.