Grooving New tools for parting-off and deep grooving applications

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

UK — To enable parting-off and deep grooving applications, Dormer Pramet has expanded its GL assortment with a range of tools, double-edged inserts and geometries.

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The GL additions provide options for small part machining and grooving with a shorter overhang.
The GL additions provide options for small part machining and grooving with a shorter overhang.
(Source: Dormer Pramet)

Several new additions to Dormer Pramet's grooving portfolio provide new tooling options for small part machining and grooving with a shorter overhang. These support copy profiling and longitudinal turning in a variety of materials.

It follows the company’s development of its parting-off and grooving range in November 2019, when the global manufacturer introduced the 25 mm GL insert and the G8330 PVD grade to provide a versatile and stable option when machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

These latest tools include new 12x12 holders to support additional radial operations, accommodating various insert widths and depth of cut capabilities. A reinforced brace design provides high rigidity and vibration resistance for good quality surface finish.

Users can also benefit from set-up time savings due to an easily accessible clamping screw (30° angled) and a one-hand insert replacement feature.

The new tool holders include:

  • the universal GLSF (RL) EXT for an overhang of 24-32 mm and
  • the GLSF (RL) EXT-G for grooving operations with a 10-12 mm overhang.
  • The GLSF (RL) EXT-S is the shank tool option and suitable for small parts machining and Swiss lathes.

The long GL insert, which achieves 60 percent deeper capacity, over the previous LCMF16 insert, is also now available in two new geometries, GM and MM. Both feature a positive T-land for prolonged tool life due to low cutting forces and reduced risk of build-up edge.

With a round cutting edge, the MM geometry is suitable for turning and copy profiling operations, while the GM geometry is designed for grooving and longitudinal turning.

In addition, a range of wider inserts are available (up to 6 mm) for small part machining. The design of the 5 mm and 6 mm wide MM inserts, for example, requires no tool modification for deeper cuts. All the inserts are available in both CVD T7325 and PVD G8330 to cover a wide range of materials.

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