3D Printing New Phoenix Contact company for additive manufacturing

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Germany – Phoenix Contact founded a new member of the Group of companies, Protiq, based in Blomberg. The focus of the new company is additive manufacturing, using 3D printing.

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Protiq is the new Phoenix Contact spin-off for 3D printing.
Protiq is the new Phoenix Contact spin-off for 3D printing.
(Source: Protiq)

On 1 December, a web portal went live online, via which users can upload, configure, and print out their 3D models. Based on CAD data, the desired objects are manufactured with high precision. According to the company, Protiq can refer back to the Phoenix Contact Group logistics services, when it comes to worldwide shipping.

3D printing by Protiq is aimed to correspond to the requirements of the B2B sector, both in terms of quality and technology. Additive manufacturing of prototypes and tools is included in the portfolio, as well as everyday parts and high-quality individual products. A comprehensive range of materials and manufacturing procedures is added by services relating to additive manufacturing. Training sessions, reverse engineering, and finishing are also offered, as well as logistics processes such as data handling, release, and ordering. Customer data is stored on in-house servers in Germany, which correspond to current and high security standards.

Phoenix Contact has constantly been developing skills in the area of additive manufacturing since 2010. In this new spin-off company, experienced specialists are now available to advise and support customers on generating 3D data or on completed prototypes, models or components, the company says. The processes correspond to industrialized and standardized quality requirements.

According to the company, Protiq is driving additive manufacturing forward, through the use of new materials as well as in-house developments. For example, a laser sintering process using highly conductive copper is a new addition. This allows the special requirements of the electronics sector to be fulfilled. Protiq is actively engaged in research and is connected to partners from universities, systems manufacturing, and material production.

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