K 2022 New modules add control and monitoring functions to hot runner systems

Source: Incoe

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At this year’s K 2022, Incoe will be presenting new modules that add new functions to the hot runner system: Heat-Inject the dynamic on-the-spot mould temperature control and 4.0-Sentinel, the system for recording and monitoring process data via the hot runner.

The dynamic on-the-spot mold temperature control Heat-Inject and the process data monitoring 4.0 Sentinel extend the functions of the hot runner.
The dynamic on-the-spot mold temperature control Heat-Inject and the process data monitoring 4.0 Sentinel extend the functions of the hot runner.
(Source: Incoe)

High-quality and user-friendly hot runner technology that reliably handles the core business of this product — the melt logistics between the machine nozzle and the cavity — is the main topic at the K trade show appearance of hot runner manufacturer Incoe. This time, the company is expanding its focus by presenting new modules.

The basis for the company’s innovations is the Direct-Flo hot runner program, whose main feature is its consistently modular design principle. In all sizes (flow channel diameter 3 to 25 mm), the hot runner components are designed according to the same construction principle. This not only provides a very wide range for the application, but also a high level of user-friendliness, because once a Direct-Flo hot runner product has been assembled, knowledge and experience can be transferred to all other sizes. Also with regard to energy consumption, high efficiency is already integrated in the product range: All manifold nozzles are screwed into the associated manifold blocks. This eliminates all contact surfaces to the mould in the screw connection area, which drive up energy consumption through the physically unavoidable dissipation of heat. The program is completed by compact and easy-to-operate I-Series and I-Series-Pro temperature controllers, as well as by the new option of equipping hot halves with an actuation plate.

With Heat-Inject dynamic on-the-spot mold temperature control, it is possible to introduce specific heat pulses into the cavity in order to briefly increase the cavity wall temperature at the corresponding point. This makes it possible to make weld lines invisible, to avoid dull halos around gates, to improve flow through narrow areas such as film hinges, and to reproduce microstructures precisely. The patent-pending Heat-Inject technology uses Direct-Flo hot runner systems as a carrier platform and is based on DH system from Hotset.

4.0-Sentinel enables a wide range of process parameters to be recorded and monitored by sensors installed on the hot runner system. The progress curves of the various parameters are displayed on a screen. In the event of parameter deviations, the system can trigger corresponding alarms, display recommendations for action or initiate an emergency shutdown of the hot runner heaters. The aim is to provide the user with information in all phases of the injection molding process and to help achieve a stable and economical process.


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