AM Materials Network wants to advance industrial 3D printed parts production

Source: Press release

Germany — Replique, part of the internal venture builder of BASF, has announced the creation of a partner network of authorized materials vendors. The move represents a step in the company’s objective to make its 3D printing platform accessible to more OEMs.

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A new material network is set to creat a solution to provide AM customers with industrial grade material systems.
A new material network is set to creat a solution to provide AM customers with industrial grade material systems.
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A newly established material partnership network wants to enable a more targeted and faster material development process according to customer needs. The network, founded by Replique and which initially comprises Lehvoss Group, Evonik Industries, Forward AM and Igus, intends to ensure that the required standards pertaining to the development, manufacture and certification of advanced materials, are met in order to qualify industrial production in 3D printing of spare parts. As part of an automated quality documentation process, a certificate of analysis, stating that the supplied materials meet the required specifications, is provided and linked to each part, and then saved on Replique’s digital inventory platform.

Within the collaboration, Replique analyses customer business cases and requirements. By this, the company identifies, where adjustments or improvements of current materials or the development of new options are necessary to meet the exact needs of end-customers, for example with application specific material tests.

Via its platform, the company provides the material partners with an anonymized overview of used legacy materials from screening activities in customer onboarding phases. With this knowledge, the partners “benefit from an accelerated and more targeted material development process, tailored to the needs of Replique’s customers”, the company stated.

With exclusive beta tests, the BASF-subsidiary says it is able to create a win-win situation: While material manufacturers receive a first business case, Replique’s customers would enjoy a head start by receiving early access to the latest developments. If necessary, individualised materials can be developed for specific use cases.

“With our trusted material network, we have created a solution to provide our customers with industrial grade material systems. Overall, the cooperation will transform the usability of 3D printing beyond prototyping towards serial production and industrialization, e. g. by achieving a faster part qualification through close iterations with material development, certifications and replacement of legacy materials. Our aim is to find the best solution for our clients,” says Dr. Max Siebert, CEO and Co-Founder of Replique.

Moving forward, Replique aims to increase its network of trusted material partners, both in polymer and metal.