Schunk Multi-clamping vice features flexiblity, reliablity

Editor: Eric Culp

The unit offers safe and precise machining, its manufacturer said.

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If slim chuck jaws are used on a on the unit, several parts can be clamped.
If slim chuck jaws are used on a on the unit, several parts can be clamped.
(Source: Schunk)

Schunk has introduced the Kontec KSM-2 multi-clamping vice, said to be a precise all-rounder for stationary workpiece clamping.

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Designed for 3-, 4-, or 5-axis machines, it reportedly clamps several parts at the same time that may be located next to each other. With slim jaws that do not protrude, the KSM-2 minimises interfering contours to allow high part density with optimum accessibility, Schunk explained. It added that a hardened and ground fine serration provides for maximum robustness, precision, and dimensional stability.

Based on wedge clamping elements that pull down the workpiece during clamping process, safe and precise machining is said to be ensured, even at high feed rates. The supplier said the vice has adapter plates and standardised interfaces for its modular system for stationary workpiece clamping.

The unit is available in lengths between 260 and 650mm at jaw widths of 65 or 90mm. According to Schunk, it achieves clamping forces up to 25 kN.

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