Additive Manufacturing Morf3D and 6K Additive partner to qualify AM metal powders

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Materials company 6K Additive and Morf3D, a solution integrator leader in additive manufacturing for aerospace innovation, are collaborating to qualify metal powders for additive manufacturing used in aerospace and defence applications.

Dr Behrang Poorganji, VP of Materials Technology at Morf3D (L) and Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive at the Rapid + TCT event in Detroit.
Dr Behrang Poorganji, VP of Materials Technology at Morf3D (L) and Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive at the Rapid + TCT event in Detroit.
(Source: 6K)

Within the framework of a recently announced partnership, 6K Additive’s metal powders will be approved for use by Morf3D’s aerospace and defense application customers. Throughout the qualification process, Morf3D will manage the printing, characterization, post-processing, and data generation framework in order to qualify 6K Additive’s sustainably produced powders.

“By working with Morf3D, we’re able to leverage their deep industry experience and application expertise to help guide the qualification process,” said Frank Roberts, president of 6K Additive. “This is a conduit to acceptance by a demanding customer base in space, aviation, defense industries, and more. We want our powders to be part of manufacturing solutions for the most intense applications in additive manufacturing and partnering with Morf3D provides us with another channel to these important customers.”

Morf3D, which is based in El Segundo, USA, plans to use domestic, sustainably sourced 6K Additive powders to react quickly to customer needs once they have completed qualification. The sustainable sourcing of powders, as well as their high quality, is a key aspect for Morf3D’s customer requirements. 6K’s Uni Melt technology upcycles used and end-of-life powders, scrap material, and test parts into feedstock to produce its highly spherical powders. This mutually beneficial circular economy allows Morf3D to reduce cost and waste while gaining access to premium quality metal powers for production.

“6K Additive’s innovative business model helps us leverage our low-value waste streams into high-value credits against virgin powder sales,” said Dr. Behrang Poorganji, vice president of material technology at Morf3D. “By using 6K Additive powders, we are able to source materials like high-temperature refractories at production scale, with the added benefit of using a US based supplier.”


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