EMO 2019 / Jongen Made for heavy-duty machining

Editor: Steffen Donath

Jongen presents their new end mills designed for heavy-duty machining. They will also be present at EMO to showcase their product range of end mills.

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The coupling is made to DIN 6535-HB (Weldon). These tools are available in diam. 6 mm up to 25 mm.
The coupling is made to DIN 6535-HB (Weldon). These tools are available in diam. 6 mm up to 25 mm.
(Source: Jongen)

Jongen Werkzeugtechnik presented the new solid carbide end mills VHM 494W Hi06 for the heavy-duty machining back in July. The application areas are step milling, trochoidal milling, full slot milling, ramping, boring and helix milling. Furthermore, these tools are suitable for machining all common steels, as well as high-grade steels and cast iron materials.

The homogeneous cutting edge with defined cutting edge radius enables long tool lives and reliable process security, even under difficult conditions. A high edge stability is granted by the edge chamfer, according to the company.

The spiral angles and angular pitch prevent vibrations and ensure engine smoothness and process stabilisation, as well as surface qualities. The macro geometry allows a high chip removal rate and a lower power consumption. Thanks to an optimised toric cut with soft transitions up to the shank, an improved tool stiffness is reached at simultaneously increased tolerance values against vibrations, the company explains. The front surface geometry allows for steep ramping angles and helix spirals, thus high chip removal rates are possible. The tools can quickly penetrate up to the final working depth, to process from there with high ap-values the material. At the same time, the tools ensure a smooth engine processing, even for milling operations with high axial loading rates. The new mills are equipped with two straight internal cooling passages, that discharge in the chip space of the front surface.

The newly developed Hi06 is based on a finest grain carbide (0,6µm grain size) in the field K20-K30, with middle hardness and good tenacity. This is combined with a TiAlSiN based HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering)-layer. This coating has a high level of hardness and temperature stability thanks to Silicon-doping.

The defined cutting edge preparation allows for a better layer adhesion and the better surface finish.