Software release Machine vision: New easy-to-use deep learning functions added to Merlic 5.2

Source: MV-Tec

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Software company MV-Tec launched the latest version (5.2) of its easy-to-use machine vision software Merlic. The latest release enables complete machine vision applications to be quickly developed and deployed without having to write a single line of code.

MV-Tec Software has launched the latest version (5.2) of its machine vision software Merlic.
MV-Tec Software has launched the latest version (5.2) of its machine vision software Merlic.
(Source: MV-Tec)

The machine vision software Merlic 5.2 provides customers with the latest deep learning features that are also easy to use. Global Context Anomaly Detection is now being added to the deep learning functions Anomaly Detection and Classification (from Merlic 5) and Deep OCR (from Merlic 5.1). First deployed in this form as a world first in MV-Tec Halcom in the spring of 2022, the technology will be made available to users just six months later. As in previous versions, users have access to MV-Tec's Deep Learning Tool for training the data. The tool is designed for easy labeling and training of data. Both operations are in fact crucial steps for any deep learning application. After all, the quality of the labeled or trained data plays a major role when it comes to the performance, accuracy, and robustness of the application. The Deep Learning Tool is easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge.

Merlic users can now also benefit from Global Context Anomaly Detection. This technology allows users to understand the logical content of images and to detect new variants of anomalies. This feature is of interest to any industrial sector in which, for example, completeness checks, quality inspections, defect detection, or print inspections have to be carried out.

With Global Context Anomaly Detection, good images are all that is needed for training. This means that no labeling is required. In Merlic 5.2, it is possible to use the free Deep Learning Tool (DLT) from MV-Tec for training deep learning applications. The results can then be imported from the DLT into Merlic and run there without any programming effort.

The introduction of Easy Params in Merlic 5.2 allows users to quickly and easily find and set the relevant camera parameters. Regardless of the camera manufacturer, this simplified configuration tool means that the application can be put into operation more quickly. In addition, Merlic automatically saves all Easy Params. This increases the number of compatible cameras supported by Merlic.

Merlic 5.2 now also makes it possible to export image data from Merlic to other interfaces. This is a handy feature for users, because now they can use the images for visualisation purposes directly via the communication interface. A communication plug-in, now also included in the scope of delivery, makes it possible to save images separately, such as for quality assurance purposes.


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