Mach 2020 / Solidcam Live demonstration of powerful machining strategies

Editor: Briggette Jaya

At Mach 2020 in April, Solidcam UK will carry out cutting demonstrations live, showing the supremacy of the company's unique, revolutionary and patented iMachining technology.

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Solidcam's booth at last edition of Mach.
Solidcam's booth at last edition of Mach.
(Source: Solidcam)

Also on demonstration at Mach will be Solidcam's powerful 5-axis simultaneous milling solution including barrel and lens cutting as well as mirror machining on a Romi DCM 620 5x CNC machine.

iMachining enables cycle-time savings of 70% and more compared to traditional machining solutions, according to the company. It added that the software as well as that of Solidcam's Inventorcam suite for manufacturing enables companies to get the most out of their high-end, multi-tasking CNC machines.

Mirror machining will be demonstarted on a Romi DCM 620 5x CNC machine at Mach 2020.
Mirror machining will be demonstarted on a Romi DCM 620 5x CNC machine at Mach 2020.
(Source: Solidcam)

At the event, presentations will showcase the company's scalable software, which supports all milling and turning functions, highlighting its support for advanced mill-turning machines including multi-turret, multi-spindle and Swiss-Type plus multi-channel synchronisation. With no limit to the number of axes, it can control and synchronise mill/turn applications, which provides companies a cost-effective way to produce small, complex and precision parts in large quantities.

The Swiss Type solution eliminates problems such as eliminating the need for manual G-Code programming with no visual verification, while removing the issue of the operator holding sole control and knowledge. As with all of Solidcam modules, the technology is easy to use and provides fast program creation.

Solidcam seamlessly integrates into SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor, with full tool path compatibility. This single window integration allows for all operations to be defined and verified without leaving the parametric CAD assembly environment.

All milling and turning operations are available for the programming of mill-turn machines, including the software’s flagship iMachining. It is particularly effective on hard and difficult to machine materials such as inconel and titanium. Its Technology Wizard function provides speeds and feeds based on tool path, stock material, type of cutting tool and CNC machine specifications. A constant chip thickness is maintained and the tool is kept in contact with the material at all times thanks to the adjustments that are continuously made to the intelligent morphing spirals. Solidcam UK claims that iMachining increases the average tool life by five times or even more.

At Mach, Solidcam will be in Hall 17, Booth 345.

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