Cutting Tools Lightweight face milling cutters

Editor: Steffen Donath

Horn introduces two new cutters for the machining of aluminium.

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Horn's new DTM finishing face mill enables user-friendly insert adjustment to the exact micron.
Horn's new DTM finishing face mill enables user-friendly insert adjustment to the exact micron.
(Source: Horn)

Horn has expanded its DTM lightweight milling system to include two new versions. DTM.CX09 arbour milling cutters are designed as roughing tools for use in machining applications that involve high cutting depths and place fewer demands on surface quality. The DTM.CX09.AL.F face milling cutter for finishing adds an adjustable body to the existing product range. Axial run-out can be adjusted easily to the exact micron using a presetter.

The aluminium body of the tool holders has low mass, resulting in reduced energy consumption during acceleration and deceleration. Its weight is less than that of a steel milling cutter, ensuring faster spindle speed changes and consequently highly dynamic machining as well as less wear on the spindle at high speeds. Additionally, the cutter body features a protective hard coating to prevent wear caused by chip impact.

The arbour milling cutter bodies have diameters between 40 mm and 125 mm and have from four to eight effective cutting edges. All body versions feature an internal coolant supply. The system is used for high-speed milling up to a maximum cutting speed of Vc = 5,000 m/min.

Inserts are available from stock in several diamond materials and a variety of geometries, making it possible to obtain a cost-effective alternative to brazed face milling systems. Chip breaker geometries reduce chip volume and increase process reliability.

Inserts are available with a PCD or CVD-D coating. PCD grade PD75 is a useful all-rounder for aluminium machining applications. Horn recommends substrate PD70 for alloys with a high silicon content. The substrate HD08 (CVD-D) is used for highly abrasive materials. CVD-D consists of 99.9 percent diamond and offers maximum wear resistance. All material versions are available in a range of different geometries to suit the application.