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Meusburger offers springs for every too making requirement — from very low to extremely high loads. The range also includes accessories for smooth installation of system and elastomer compression springs. All springs are available from stock.

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Meusburger offers a comprehensive range of springs in the highest quality.
Meusburger offers a comprehensive range of springs in the highest quality.
(Source: Meusburger)

Mould component supplier Meusburger offers a large selection of system compression springs that are suitable for very high stroke rates due to their low inertia and low frictional heat. The springs minimise the force differences in the die set through improved length tolerance compared to the DIN ISO 10243. They are available in all common sizes and load classes, in both rectangular and round versions. The colour differentiation of the load classes with special coating ensures high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Meusburger's system compression springs feature dimensional interchangeability for subsequently changed loads or requirements.

To make the selection and design process as convenient as possible, the company has introduced a selection guide for system compression springs. It is easy to use and intuitively designed. With just a few clicks users can quickly and easily select the right spring for every requirement. The configurable CAD data can then be easily downloaded.

Belleville spring washers are used for very high spring forces with small strokes and low installation heights. They are manufactured according to DIN 16983 and suitable for stroke rates of <100 strokes/min. due to frictional heating. There are a wide range of combination options for changing the spring displacement and spring force. The springs are available in various diameters from 8 to 50 mm and can be used up to a temperature of 150°C.


Elastomer compression springs are springs made of plastic that deform outward during compression. In contrast to system compression springs, they are used for high spring force and high stroke. Meusburger has two different hardness grades for the elastomer pressure springs in its range standardised according to DIN ISO 10069, 70 Shore A and 90 Shore A. In addition, the springs are vibration damping. The product range also includes the appropriate accessories for installing elastomer compression springs.

The coil compression springs at Meusburger are machined according to DIN 15800 and are temperature resistant up to 80°C. They are supplied ready-to-use and are available in diameters from 3 to 56 mm.

In addition the company, offers accessories for smooth installation of system and elastomer compression springs such as screw plugs, guide bolts and spring pre-loading units.

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