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Editor: Steffen Donath

Cecimo recently replied to the European Commission’s consultation on the intellectual property action plan

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Fair play regarding IPs is a needed basis for innovations.
Fair play regarding IPs is a needed basis for innovations.
(Source: Florian Klauer (Unsplash))

EU – In July 2020, the European Commission launched an open consultation on the Intellectual property Action Plan.

The action plan will promote a coherent EU-wide approach to IP policies and will be the basis for further initiatives to be taken at the EU level, both legislative and non-legislative. This initiative aims to upgrade the IP system, promote its smarter use, ensure better enforcement, and promote fair play globally
for IP.

Cecimo believes that IPR should be part of all industrial policy discussions, comprising manufacturing innovation and competitiveness. Therefore, Cecimo welcomes the initiative and believes that any specific action on this topic should be preceded by dedicated stakeholders’ consultations and analysis intended to assess the costs and benefits for the European innovative business ecosystem.