Husky Husky strengthens PET Tooling offers

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Husky announced that it has invested in its PET Tooling business. The company, a leading provider of the plastics processing industry, aims to increase costumer value and to respond better to market needs.

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Husky states that its self-cleaning technology helps to eliminate a large number of maintenance hours.
Husky states that its self-cleaning technology helps to eliminate a large number of maintenance hours.
(Source: Husky)

Huyky stated that it created a dedicated tooling team, invested in technology and increased global delivery capabilities. “The strategic changes we have implemented to our PET Tooling organization are helping to strengthen our global infrastructure and product offerings. We are dedicated to maximizing the value of our customers’ tooling and are developing increasingly flexible solutions around our equipment that enhance value for all production volumes and packaging applications,” said Thomas Bontempi, Husky’s General Manager, PET Tooling.

One of the steps Husky has taken was to bring the “HyPET” HPP5 technology to legacy systems and tooling generations. One example is the self cleaning technology, that was originally developed for “HyPET” HPP5. It is now also available for all “HyPET” platforms. Another example is Husky's Integrated Mold Alignment, which uses strategically placed sensors to provide closed loop feedback from the moulding cell to the system operator. According to Husky, this results in prolonged mould life, reduced regular maintenance intervals and lowered maintenance costs. Husky also introduced the Ultra G-PET hot runner designed to replace legacy solid skirt technology. There is also a 96 and 128 cavity upgrade solution for “HyPET” systems, Husky says.

Global presence to support high standards, quality and performance

Besides product developments, Husky has also expanded its global services. The company has maintained refurbishing centres worldwide meant to enable customers to convert or refurbish PET moulds. The company announced that, over the last three years, it has made investments to improve its global refurbishment and conversion capabilities that allow the company to expedite delivery and reach more customers. One example is the global team that was recently established. The cross-functional team is said to be focused on serving customers' PET tooling needs, Husky says. According to the company, this experienced team will work together with the customers to gain a deeper understanding of their demands and provide solutions for more competitiveness. This is complemented by prototyping laboratories located in Canada, Luxembourg and Shanghai, assisting customers in the development of new preform and closure designs, Husky announced.

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