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Editor: Steffen Donath

Highlights at Ewikon’s booth will include a range of hot runner solutions focussing on multi-cavity applications and its new cold runner system that allows the efficient processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

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The 4-drop Coolshot cold runner system.
The 4-drop Coolshot cold runner system.
(Source: Ewikon)

The company will also exhibiting its new cold runner system that allows the efficient processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

According to the company, its micro-manifold technology is particularly suited for the efficient production of parts with small-shot weights in moulds with a very high number of cavities. These systems are available as standardised hot halves for moulds with up to 192 cavities. Each micro-manifold features four screwed-in nozzle inserts and requires only one control zone. As such, the space required for wiring is considerably reduced to allow for an extremely compact mould design. Furthermore, part where the space has now been saved can be utilised to integrate additional support sleeves or domes that can be placed in the plate mould designs, making micro-manifold technology not only rather compact but also very stable.

By designing compact multi-cavity moulds for direct side gating, the HPS III-MH nozzle enables a cost-efficient mould design with standard mould inserts, Ewikon notes.

The patented, tip-exchange technology is claimed to guarantee unmatched ease of maintenance. The tip inserts are easy to replace from the parting line, during which the mould remains on the machine. The nozzle is available in a variety of versions, sizes and gating options for linear or radial arrangement of parts, with up to eight gating points per nozzle.

Furthermore, a special version for the production of medical parts like syringes or pipettes that features a very slim nozzle body is offered. It allows the mould maker to easily integrate optimised cooling around the cavity. All of which reduces cycle times to enable efficient production.

Also showcased will be Ewikon’s new Coolshot high-performance cold runner system, which has been designed for reliable and efficient processing of various types of LSR, the company adds.

Key here is the system features the company’s electric drive valve gate system, which has been successfully used for years in hot runner applications globally.

In the processing of LSR, the electric step motors used enable the positioning of valve pins with high precision in increases of 0.01 mm to allow for the steady filling of the cavity. Since no manual adjustment of the valve pin length is required, time to set-up the system or re-adjustments during production is considerably reduced, especially when parts with very small shot weights are produced. The advanced control technology features a touch screen panel for comfortable operation.

It also allows for remote control access, using a tablet PC (iOS, Android, Windows) with a VNC viewer. Depending on the LSR type used, the water-cooled, cold runner nozzles are available with different tip designs. This therefore enables thermal separation, which can be tailored to the process and production can take place with the optimum mould temperature and reduced cycle times benefitting the company.