Heun High-speed EDM drilling machines make very small holes in very hard materials

Editor: Eric Culp

The APos series of high-speed EDM drilling machines from Heun GmbH offers high performance in metal processing for mould and tool making, machine and workholding-tool construction and other applications. Small-hole drilling via electrical discharge machining is employed in situations where removing material by mechanical machining methods is not efficient or even possible.

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Highlights of Heun’s current portfolio, reflecting current development, are the APos 800 solid (image) and the APos CNC-Pentium®, a machine that can be linked to existing internal networks or to the Internet for fast and cost-efficient remote maintenance by Heun service technicians.

APos EDM drilling machines can produce holes with diameters approximately those of a human hair and as deep as 1.5 m. A motor-driven adjustable tilting head that can be programmed in increments as small as 0.01° up to ±45° and indexers especially developed for EDM drilling are the characterizing features of the APos. Drilling speeds to 200 mm/min can be reached with electrodes 0.1 to 6.0 mm in diameter.

Heun has designed APos units for 5-axis machining, provided longer travel distances or engineered machines for higher-than-usual accuracy as customers’ special requirements have warranted. The machine body, made of mineral concrete, offers high levels of stability and stiffness and a considerable load-bearing capacity. APos machines are equipped with Beckhoff continuous path control and efficient drives. Control software allows CNC programs to be generated from DXF and solids files and then transferred securely online to the APos.

Heun GmbH

Kahl/Main, Germany