Schunk High-power 5-axis vises with adjustable centres

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Clamping and gripping technology expert Schunk has increased its product line of power-amplified 5-axis vises, responding to customer demands.

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The Kontec KSX-C 5-axis vise can be moved. It is available in four basic body lengths.
The Kontec KSX-C 5-axis vise can be moved. It is available in four basic body lengths.
(Source: Schunk)

Schunk now offers power-amplified 5-axis vises that are equipped with an adjustable centre. The low-maintenance Kontec KSX-C comes in four basic body lengths (330, 430, 500 and 630 mm) in two heights (174 and 125 mm).

The high-quality vises have two jaws, which can be precisely moved by a laser-etched ruler. Between 4-40 kN, clamping forces can be adjusted without any tools and workpieces can be directly measured. The vise also provides high power for a safe grip even when clamping surfaces are minimal. Workpieces can be clamped in a 160° quick, vibration-free manner at highly,repeatable accuracy within seconds. Thanks to the tension in clamping, the bending load at the base of the body is minimised. Moreover, the jaw guidance system and the arrangement of the clamping mechanism provide a rigid and dimensionally stable set-up, which creates ideal conditions for precise machining of the second side.

The drive and adjustment mechanism of the vises are fully encapsulated, which prevents the ingress of chips, dirt and coolant. The easy-to-clean design of the vise also prevents the accumulation of chips. Kontec KSX-C can be seamlessly integrated into the modular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping.

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