3 axis vertical machining centre High-performance machining with a small footprint

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

UK — GM CNC has now introduced the compact Victor Vcenter F76. The machine combines build quality and longevity at a cost efficient price. The Oldham company is the exclusive UK distributor of the renowned Victor brand of machine tools.

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The Victor F76 with auger chip remover
The Victor F76 with auger chip remover
(Source: GM CNC)

Oldham based GM CNC launched the new Victor Vcenter F76 and offers a multitude of Victor machine tools available from stock. The brand is recognised for its relentless productivity and longevity. Despite its compact footprint and space-saving design, the Victor Vcenter F76 packs a punch with its meehanite casting and A frame column design that sets the foundation for high-performance machining.

Built upon this foundation is a powerful 15 kW 8000 rpm BT40 belt driven spindle that traverses over the 840 by 500 mm table with X, Y and Z axis travel of 760 by 500 by 510 mm respectively. The Victor Vcenter F76 can traverse at rapid feed rates of 32 m/min in all 3 axes. This productivity is met by high stability and rigidity that is derived from NN type double roller bearings, 40 mm diameter ballscrews, and 30/35/45 mm guideways. These three features combine to provide kinematics that supports heavy duty material removal rates and subsequently improve productivity levels as well as surface finish and precision.

Furthermore, these attributes eliminate backlash and provide a bi-directional positional accuracy of 0.010 mm with a repeatability of 0.007 mm that sets the standard in the cost-efficient 3 axis VMC segment. Affirming this build quality is an overall machine weight of 5260 kg with the latest generation of powerful Fanuc CNC control system that drives the powerful and compact machine. The automatic tool change unit is a barrel type system that accommodates up to 24 tools with an extremely fast tool change time of just 2.4 seconds.

As standard, the Victor Vcenter F76 is delivered with

  • fully enclosed splash guarding,
  • screw-type chip remover,
  • air blast,
  • rigid tapping facility,
  • remote MPG,
  • hand tools and toolbox,
  • T nuts for table slots,
  • 3 step warning light,
  • and leveling pads.

From an options perspective, GM CNC can incorporate a host of add ons to give end-users the production centre that suits their requirements.

Some of the options include

  • a spindle upgrade to 10,000 rpm,
  • a 30 tool ATC,
  • an optional 690 mm in the Z-axis,
  • rotary tables,
  • coolant and air gun,
  • precision linear scales,
  • oil skimmer,
  • automatic doors,
  • 4th/5th axis interface,
  • auto tool length and part measurement,
  • auto power-off,
  • air conditioning for electrical cabinets,
  • through tool coolant and even spindle cooling units.

GM CNC has now opened an online shop for Victor spare parts with most common components stocked at the Oldham headquarters for rapid delivery to keep machine tools running. Additionally, the company offers the complete range of Victor machine tools for customers that are looking for a larger work envelope, a 5 axis machining centre, or a choice from the extensive turning portfolio.

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