Universal clamp High flexibility: Modular clamping device for numerous applications

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With the Hilma.UC 125 and comprehensive accessories, Stark Spannsysteme offers a universal clamping system for workpieces of different sizes and geometries. In this way, only one vise is needed instead of numerous systems with different jaw openings. The company will present this universal clamp at EMO 2023.

With the new Hilma.UC machine vise, users can retrofit vises for different workpieces more quickly and require fewer clamping devices.
With the new Hilma.UC machine vise, users can retrofit vises for different workpieces more quickly and require fewer clamping devices.
(Source: Stark)

The new Hilma.UC 125 machine vise is a true centric clamp. With it, users can retrofit more quickly for different workpieces. At the same time fewer clamping devices are needed for a wide range of clamping tasks. This is what Stark Spannsysteme promises. The company from the Roemheld Group is presenting the modularly designed all-rounder for 3- to 5-axis machining at EMO 2023 in Hanover.

The high level of flexibility is achieved by a separable base and two parallel slides. An adjustment spindle is used to position the slides. The workpiece is clamped by a tension spindle with a tensile force of 52 kN. A centre bearing holds the workpiece precisely and in the centre with repetitive accuracy.

A special feature of the Hilma.UC 125 is its clamping physics. By turning the tension spindle, force is applied to the workpiece via the outer clamping claws on the clamping jaws above the workpiece stop. The closed flow of force from the tension spindle to the adjustment spindle prevents force being applied to the base. Bending the clamp up is thus avoided. An active pull-down mechanism in the clamping jaws prevents the workpiece from lifting.

The UC in the clamping system name stands for Universal Clamp, because the machine vise can be adapted to a wide variety of workpiece geometries in just a few steps. The jaw opening can be extended up to 600 mm in just a few steps, according to Stark. This is one of the largest values currently available on the market. Different clamping jaws for raw and finished parts as well as cubic and round workpieces are also offered as part of the modular system. For this reason, no further investment in new clamping devices is required even when production requirements change.

The Hilma.UC has been designed to be easily accessible from all sides so that workpieces can be precisely machined with 5-axis machining in a single arrangement. Although it was designed for 5-axis machining, the clamping device can naturally also be used for 3- and 4-axis machining.

The universal modular design of the Hilma.UC 125 machine vise opens up a wide range of applications. Not only extensions for different clamping widths are available. There are also numerous options for mounting that can be adapted to the respective application. The clamp can either be placed directly on the machine table or in a zero point clamping system.


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