Hot runner technology Günther broadens IoT-expertise by acquiring Esys

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany — The manufacturer of hot runner and cold runner technology Günther Heisskanaltechnik has taken over Esys, which specialises in customer-specific electronics and software development, thus strengthening its technical expertise in all aspects of electronic systems technology.

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Esys becomes the "digital locomotive" of Günther Hot Runner Technology in order to meet the requirements facing Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.
Esys becomes the "digital locomotive" of Günther Hot Runner Technology in order to meet the requirements facing Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.
(Source: Public Domain / Pixabay )

With the integration of the Berlin-based company Esys into the Günther Group, the Frankenberg-based company is broadening its base in all areas in order to be prepared for the increasing customer requirements in relation to Industry 4.0. Esys develops and manufactures miniaturised electronics and IoT solutions as well as modern apps as well as cloud and web applications. The company was founded in 1993 and successfully implements its own standard products as well as customised contract developments in the hardware and software sector.

Esys has been on the market with innovative digital products for over 25 years and has a cross-sector view of many areas of industry, agriculture and environmental technology. The focus of the customised developments and the electronics and IoT solutions is on mobile real-time monitoring of sensitive measurement data combined with warning messages and the appropriate apps for iOS and Android. The repertoire also includes the connection, control and readout of external sensors via Bluetooth, NFC, mobile radio and Wi-Fi. Electronic solutions are also used to locate and visualise moving objects via app or web app using satellite navigation and radio buoy technology.

Connectivity is gaining in importance

Buzzwords such as Industry 4.0, digital transformation, AI, Big Data, networked systems and decentralised control are on the lips of many. In the future, processes and decisions of subsystems are to be optimally controlled and made decentrally and autonomously in real time with the help of digital networking and data analysis. “In order to provide the necessary data for digital networking, it is undoubtedly necessary to first create a number of technical prerequisites step by step — Günther is rising to this challenge,” explains Siegrid Sommer, Managing Director of Günther Heisskanaltechnik. “That's why Esys will be our new 'digital locomotive'. The skills and experience of Esys' employees, as well as the company's products, are a great fit for our markets and offer us even better opportunities to meet our customers' requirements regarding Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.” The location in Berlin also has the strategic advantage of attracting young professionals for projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Development partner for innovative solutions

During the course of a succession plan, the three previous Esys shareholders were looking for a strategic partner to ensure the continuity of the company. “With Günther , we succeeded in finding a new shareholder whose medium-sized and family-oriented structures fit our previous orientation,” says Hansjürgen Hering, commercial managing director of Esys. “As a development laboratory that continues to operate independently, we recognise far-reaching synergy effects for both sides,” adds Dr. Rochlitzer, Managing Director for Research & Development at Esys. The previous shareholders Dr Robby Rochlitzer and Hansjürgen Hering will manage the company together with Siegrid Sommer in the future.

The innovative solution approaches of Esys based on IoT standards such as NB-IoT, CAT-M1, LoRATM or LoRaWANTM enable the analysis and availability of data on the IoT portal Esys Live Cloud. In addition, Esys has made a name for itself with the development and production of hardware components as prototypes or small series, which are also produced in-house. The applications of the miniaturised electronics and apps include, above all, low-energy long-term miniature data loggers for temperature, humidity, movement, acceleration, shock and position, as well as level measurement with data transmission via radio, mobile radio, Bluetooth, NFC and Wif-Fi.

Esys is also often sought after as a development partner for research and development projects and as a member of innovation networks. Led by the coordinator of the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid, the new network project “New Run — Network — Toolmaking of the Future” will start in the next few days. Again, Esys will make its know-how available and open up new fields of application. In the process, innovation is to be driven forward both creatively and purposefully. If the network succeeds, for example, in applying innovative processes and methods in the area of predictive maintenance and replacing the fixed regular maintenance of machines, tools and sensors with predictive maintenance, this would inevitably result in cost advantages simply by saving energy, material, time and logistical resources, thus creating decisive competitive advantages.