Horn Grooving system with extended working range

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Horn's 25A axial grooving system with cartridge design and round shanks is more versatile now thanks to new versions that allow for grooving diameters of 50 to 65 mm and 65 to 80 mm.

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Thanks to the extension of the range, Horn's 25A system supports deeper axial grooves.
Thanks to the extension of the range, Horn's 25A system supports deeper axial grooves.
(Source: Horn/Sauermann)

The previous system with single-edged or two-edged indexable inserts achieved grooving depths of up to 18 mm with an external diameter of 15 mm or more. According to Horn, the new versions achieve cutting widths of 3 and 4 mm, while the previous system achieved widths of 2 to 4 mm. With the introduction of these products, the company intends to offer its customers tools with an extended working range capable of new applications.

The cartridges are designed for Horn's K220 standard cartridge interface and are therefore compatible with all base holders for this system. The internal coolant supply ensures efficient cooling without any negative effect on chip flow. The tool holders can be equipped with single or double-edged carbide inserts of type 15A or 25A in carbide grade TH35 and with a TiAIN coating. The .10 geometry for long-chipping materials ensures safe chip flow, even with deep grooves.

The single-edged cutting insert also allows for grooving along an interfering contour, such as a collar. This is said to make the inserts suitable for universal use. As the dimensions of the cutting insert designs are identical, the single-edged inserts also fit into all 25A system holders.

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