EMO 2019 / OPS-Ingersoll Graphite surface finishing at EMO 2019

Editor: Steffen Donath

One of OPS-Ingersoll's highlights at EMO will be the focus on surfaces achieved with graphite. Additionally, the company will have a live demonstration.

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The EDM-machine Eagle G5 Precision by OPS-Ingersoll.
The EDM-machine Eagle G5 Precision by OPS-Ingersoll.
(Source: OPS-Ingersoll)

OPS-Ingersoll is a supplier of technologies for the mould and die industry. The company offers their customers EDM die-sinking and milling machines aimed at increasing productivity, the company states. They also provide automation systems with the aim of increasing manufacturing quality and throughput.

At their booth at the EMO, OPS-Ingersoll will present our latest products in the EDM field, the Eagle G5 Precision, their die-sinker, that claims to offer better accuracy and precision, especially in automated processes. The machine is also equipped with OPS-Ingersoll's newly developed Eagle Power Spark fine-finish generator, which is capable to achieve surface finishes with graphite, that are unique and have not been possible before, according to the company.

The company will also exhibit their Milling-Center with their latest high-dynamic milling-machines High Speed Eagle V5 and High Speed Eagle V9 both in 5-axis version. Here they will be presenting the Heidenhain Batch Process Manager. It is based on the pallet management functionality of the TNC 640 control; more specifically, it interprets the pallet file in the background. All of the entries in Batch Process Manager are saved by the TNC control in this pallet file. Three process elements – Pallet, Fixture, and Program – are available as possible inputs. Based on these elements, the Batch Process Manager models the actual situation on a machine with pallets, the company explains.

Live demo

With live demonstrations in the “mav industrie 4.0 area,” Ops-Ingersoll with its partners Heidenhain and Haimer will be showing a digitally networked production environment.

A High Speed Eagle V5 machining center with a TNC 640 control and Batch Process Manager, along with a tool presetter, a shrink fit device, and workstations for job planning, part programming, and machining simulation will be digitally exchanging job data with each other.

Special emphasis will be placed on the exchange of tool data. The partners will be using a central tool database, continually receiving the latest data on length, radius, and tool life. During the demonstrations, Heidenhain Statemonitor will provide an overview of the active processes and their analysis.