Metallform Bamberg / Meusburger Good die making makes the difference – standard parts help in doing so

Author: M.A. Frauke Finus

A contract manufacturer from Franconia produces parts on his stamping line, which many others can only produce with a costly fine cutting method. The great know-how in both in-house die making and in-house tool making makes this possible. The medium-sized company uses standard parts from Meusburger for its dies.

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Here, the plates with the typical Meusburger alignment can be seen. With this, toolmakers do not need to serach for a zero point every time when they start milling.
Here, the plates with the typical Meusburger alignment can be seen. With this, toolmakers do not need to serach for a zero point every time when they start milling.
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When you hear Bamberg you think of a cathedral, beer, basketball and the Brose and Bosch company. But not only ‘the large ones’ but also numerous small and medium sized companies which have in-house know-how are located in Bamberg. One of them is Metallform Bamberg GmbH, which has specialised in the production of stamping and bending parts from the coil, dies as well as welded and mounted assemblies for over 30 years. Since 2014, the company with around 50 employees has been owned and managed by Jens Kache. The contract manufacturer which supplies to the automotive, medtech and telecomunication industries among others, mainly uses progressive dies on its three stamping lines.

‘We are able to produce certain stamped parts with the same quality as many others manage to obtain only with fine cutting technologies’ explains Ludwig Müller, Technical Manager at Metallform. Designer Alexander Degle says ‘Therefore our customers save money. In fine cut, these parts would be substantially more expensive.’ The know-how that makes this possible lies in the in-house die making, which those at Metallform are particularly proud of as becomes clear during the conversation with blechnet. As an example the Metallform company stamped a flange for a medium conducting cable in an engine compartment – a part that was predestined for the fine cut.

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Heat treated for stress relief for low-deformation processing

The Bambergians have a number of milling centres for die making and have been using the standardised standard parts from Meusburger for some time. ‘Every now and then we mill some die plates for a company from the surrounding area with which we maintain friendly relationships. This was our first contact point with Meusburger, which we previously only knew from injection moulding. After several trade fair contacts and conversations we decided to try some of the standard parts from Meusburger’, explains Müller. Degle adds: ‘The catalogue in the modular system convinced me. I can order everything from one source, the quality and price are right and I save time through the intelligently designed standard parts from Meusburger. The SV-Standard die set for example is already provided with drill holes.’ In Bamberg, the standard alignment edge on the plates and the integrated anti-rotation blocking are also highly appreciated. ‘Thanks to the alignment edge, the milling cutter does not have to search a zero point every time and the anti-rotation blocking protects us from possible costly damage because the stamping die halves can no longer be accidentally twisted by 180°,’ explains Müller emphasising the advantages. ‘Furthermore our standard parts are heat treated for stress relief by default, which results in low warping and good subsequent machining properties, adds Sebastian König, Area Sales Manager for the central Germany sales region at Meusburger.

The standard parts are easily compiled in the online catalogue with just a few clicks and displayed there as both a parts list and as a finished component. ‘The wizard reduces the risk of incorrect orders. For example I can already order the first parts before the design of the die set has been completed without losing the overview. But the best thing is the easy and orderly transfer into our CAD program VISI by Mecadat is possible very easily and orderly – and namely the finished component, so there’s nothing lost somewhere in CAD,’ enthuses Degle.

In the year 2016, the Metallform company built around 50 new stamping dies which will be launched in series next year. This is also the reason for the planned purchase of a fourth stamping line. ‘We are very happy with our decision to use standard parts from Meusburger’ summarises Müller.


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