Taegutec Going deep with innovative indexable gundrills

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Korea – Taegutec’s new indexable gundrill and deep drilling heads feature trigonal inserts that evacuate chips without damaging the surface finish.

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The latest releases – indexable gundrill, trigonal insert, deep-drilling heads.
The latest releases – indexable gundrill, trigonal insert, deep-drilling heads.
(Source: Taegutec)

The company says that they also deliver coolant directly onto the material while offering accuracy, repeatability and minimised cycle times.

The latest addition to the T-Deep line covers single and double tube systems and is designed with a direct mounting system, which is intended to reduce down time. Diameters extend from 16 to 28mm. Taegutec says that the new indexable gundrill can be used in mould and die, power generation, wind power, automotive, shipbuilding, machine tool, railways and oil and gas applications.

The company is also introducing the Togt line, a new series of inserts specifically designed for deep hole machining. Its key features are a three cutting-edge chip splitter that generates optimised chip shapes; a positive rake angle; and a wiper. It is designed to provide excellent hole surface quality and high feed.

The Korea-based company claims that combining the two new products into a single unit also means that chips will be reduced into small pieces, making it easier for them to move up the tool’s flute and away from the work area. This will help to minimise damage to the surface finish and reduces premature tool wear or breakage. The new insert line is available in five sizes, from eight to 12 mm and each product is coated with the company's TT9030 PVD grade.